Monday, 20 April 2020

Ovulation fertility test

The period is absent - for many women, this is a good reason to go to the nearest drug store and buy a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test strips But how does a pregnancy test actually work? And when can you take a pregnancy test?

With a pregnancy test, you will know in a few minutes whether you will be holding a small baby in your arms in around nine months or whether your suspicion is just a false alarm.

But what kind of pregnancy tests are there? How exactly does a pregnancy test work? And when can you take a pregnancy test to be really sure? We'll tell you everything you need to know about pregnancy tests!

When can I start a pregnancy test?
There are different types of pregnancy tests on the market. There is the so-called early test , which you can do a few days after a possible fertilization . However, the error rate is relatively high. It is not uncommon for the pregnancy test to show that no baby is on the move - even though you are pregnant. You can find more on the subject of early pregnancy test on our portal

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